Reiki Training

Reiki Training

Usui Reiki level 1.

In Reiki level 1 you will be introduced to the history of reiki & the chakra system. You will be attuned to reiki energy four times over the weekend. This will open your energy field to connect with universal life force energy. 

It’s all about self-healing and connecting with your true self. You will be able to offer healing to friends & family. The weekend will consist of theory and lots of hands-on practice. 

Lunch will be provided on both days. It’s vegetarian, please let me know if you have any special dietary needs. 

Please avoid drinking any alcohol the night before the course and the duration of the course.

On completion you will leave with;

  • comprehensive manual 
  • Guided self-healing link 
  • A reiki gift from myself 
  • A reiki 1 framed certificate 
  • You will be welcomed back after your training for a top-up attunement and to discuss anything you may have encountered during your 21-day cleansing process. 
  • Investment €250
  • Deposit of €50 to hold your booking
  • Time 10am-5pm 

If you require further information please contact me, I would love to assist you in any way possible.

Benefits of reiki 1

  • Ability to Self-heal
  • Ability to heal friends & family
  • Increase in energy 
  • A better sense of wellbeing 
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Gain knowledge on how to ground your energy
  • Promotes balance & harmony 
  • Helps spiritual growth

Reiki level 2

This level of Reiki is for the souls who are ready to step more into their own power. Reiki level 1 is about self-healing and creating more space for more light. It is essential that you have taken Reiki 1 before embarking on this next part of your journey. The more you work with Reiki energy the more powerful it flows. 

In level 2 we will continue to focus on our own healing. This level allows you to go onto offer reiki to others now. You will be qualified & certified as a Reiki Practitioner. You will be attuned to 4 more reiki rays of energy. You will learn how to use the sacred reiki symbols. Your reiki energy will flow with greater strength and you will be able to send distant healings, this is one of the amazing gifts of reiki 2. 

What to expect;

  • Reiki attunement ceremony 
  • Beach walks to assist in grounding 
  • Ways to ground energy 
  • How to create a sacred space 
  • Cleansing your aura and your space around you
  • How to send distant healing 
  • Ways to use reiki in your day to day life 
  • Meditations over the weekend 
  • How to use the reiki symbols 
  • Vegetarian lunch provided both days
  • Manual & certificate 
  • Lots of hands-on healing 
  • Small group setting 
  • Reiki gift 
  • Investment €300.
  • Deposit of €50 holds your space Limited numbers of 6 people 

Please avoid alcohol & meat for the weekend of the training.
Any questions please feel free to contact me. Namaste 

Reiki level 3 (reiki master level)

  • A full revision of Reiki 1 & 2
  • How to teach & attune others to Reiki energy. 
  • Give & receive a full reiki treatment 
  • Healthy refreshments 
  • Certificate & reiki gift 
  • The passing of the final reiki symbols 
  • Meditation and grounding exercises 

After each reiki course, you will be welcomed back after 4 weeks for a top-up Attunement and to discuss your experiences to date. 

This is generally the next step after your reiki level 2. You must complete level 1 & 2 before embarking on this level of reiki. It is preferred that you have had at least 1 year’s experience of practicing reiki level 2 before commencing level 3.

At this level, we will continue to grow our knowledge of reiki and work on our own self-development. We will also deepen our knowledge of the sacred symbols. 

In Reiki level 3 you will be taught how to attune others to Reiki energy and how to run courses, should you wish too. You will be attuned to the final reiki symbols and shown different ways to use them. 

The master course is not the end of your reiki training as there is always room for more knowledge. I will encourage you to come to reiki courses ran by myself or teachers from my lineage as we learn so much from others.

To sit your reiki 3 training, it is advised to have good knowledge and confidence of the reiki symbols from level 2. You must also have knowledge of the chakra system. You are required to attend a minimum of 3 reiki training as a volunteer.

What the course entails;

  • 3 pre training days in preparation for the final weekend, they will be run in 5-hour sessions, over 3 weeks. 
  • You will be given a top-up Attunement each day to allow the energy to build for your master Attunement. This will happen in the final weekend. 
  • Your master manual & self-healing link

Investment €411