Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Energy healing works on four levels, the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body.  When a client comes to me I generally work on their aura the magnetic field that surrounds there body. I also work on the seven main chakras.

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word and means wheel or vortex of energy. These areas in the body store every experience you have had to date. Positive & negative. The chakras can become overactive, underactive & imbalanced. If left like this illness can manifest and general wellbeing is out of balance.

When working with energy I connect to pure source energy also know as universal energy. The energy goes where it needs to and removes any stagnated energy or blockages. Thus allowing prana, chi and energy to flow more freely and bring back balance & harmony. 

The following list is some of the areas I have worked on with people to bring about balance & equilibrium.


Family issues/ root chakra 

Fertility/creativity / sacral chakra 

Confidence/ solar plexus chakra

Grief/love/ heart chakra 

Communication/ throat chakra 

Self belief/intuition/ third eye chakra 

Headaches/ overall wellness/ crown chakra

I am a fully qualified reiki master. I also work with magnified energy, the energy of Kwan Yin. Eft emotional freedom technique. To name a few of my many services. 

I like to incorporate some sound healing therapy methods such as angel tuning forks and Himalayan sing bowls where appropriate.

The investment in a healing session is €50

Duration 60-90mins

Please contact me directly to book an appointment.

Email: info@bhaktihealing.ie Phone: 086 058 3231