Corporate Yoga

Ignite Fitness Retreat;

I took these amazing gym participants through a weekend of yoga & meditation. I was honored when the director Sean Reid asked me to come along and teach his gym crew.  We had yoga in the sunny outdoors at the Seafield & spa resort hotel in Wexford. 

Body Transformations Gym Clongriffin;

I am super lucky to take the members & staff through a fit flow sequence once a month in this amazing gym. This is a challenging class and the body transformation gym members are always up for a challenge. 

TLC Nursing Home 

I came to TLC nursing home to be part of a staff appreciation day. We did a short yoga session with a guided meditation session. The staff all floated out of the room. It felt great to give back to people who work with the elderly in such a caring manner. 

Early intervention support services 

I went to this school weekly to guide the staff through a yoga practice. The teachers here are amazing and support children on the autism spectrum. They work hard to support not only the children but also the families. I was truly honored to help them de-stress & relax.

Jm Fitness 

I collaborate with Jm Fitness on the amazing revive, renew Dublin workshops. I teach and speak about all things wellness. If you get an opportunity to book on, do. The day workshop is packed with amazing information from all different areas of wellness. They tend to book out fast.https://www.facebook.com/798531453570078/posts/2318523341570874?s=586161499&sfns=mo

Our lady of immaculate junior school Darndale 

I was super happy to work with the children of this school. We worked in small group settings so each child could get my 100% focus and attention. I worked on building confidence & respect for peers & staff. I also worked in ways to help self regulate, this can be hard not only for children but adults also. We did yoga in a fun and imaginative way. We incorporated breathwork & lots of movement. Some weeks we worked with crystals & mind traveling (meditation).  

If you would like me to come to your place of work, school, home. Please message me in the link below. 


I honor the light within me that also dwells within you.