My First Ever Blog

This is my 1st ever blog. I have to say I am a bit nervous tapping away on the keyboard of the laptop. I am not a very good speller and well grammar is not my thing. I struggle using my I phone so let’s say this is a challenge. In my line of work, I am always relaying the message to feel the fear and do it anyway. There are great lessons to be learned in action. If you make mistakes as you go, good! you won’t do them again.

I have decided that my 1st blog has got to be about autism as it is the biggest thing in my life. I have one son who is 6 years old and who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder & sensory processing disorder 3 days before his 4th birthday. As I sit at the table typing this Hugo is watching Toy story for the 700th time and the last while the new habit is pause rewind and watch the same scene about 10 times.

Just as well I meditate and do Yoga right! He is a great little boy; I am so blessed with him. I love him so much. There are hard days as with all children. I wasn’t having a good day yesterday; I really want more engagement with Hugo. Little chats etc. He has got a language. The use of his language is limited but has improved so much. 

He learns a lot from tv and movies. He reminds me a lot of the young man Owen from the movie, Life Animated. Hugo’s favourite movies are Walt Disney. One of Hugo’s strong points is imitation.

Being a mam is a tough job when you try to be a speech therapist, an occupational therapist and carer it can get a bit over welling. I have given Hugo Reiki sessions most nights in bed as he sleeps, and it makes me feel amazing that I can work with him on this level. He also really likes my Himalayan singing bowl. This is amazing for me as its finally something that we both really enjoy together. It forms the connection that I crave from him.

If you have a child on the spectrum there are some beautiful crystals that you can play with together. Crystals give off a vibration, everything is made up of energy. When crystals come into your aura, the magnetic field that surrounds your body, the energies from you and the crystal intertwine. This allows you and your child to tap into the energies from the crystal. 

Rose quartz crystal is a beautiful pink crystal that works with the heart’s energy. It omits the energy of love. Another nice crystal to play with is Black Obsidian, it absorbs free-floating irritability and restlessness. It’s also very good for grounding energy. Part of Hugo’s sensory processing disorder is the need to move a lot. He is looking for sensory input. I have been told by occupational therapists that it can be like a sense of not being grounded. Like your body is floating, so with flapping and stemming it gives the body feedback. Black Obsidian works well with the root chakra.

This chakra is where the sensation of grounding comes from. Crystals have a way of telling us what we need. Take a trip to any good holistic store and allow your child and yourself to be drawn to whatever crystal is calling you. They say you don’t pick the crystal; it picks you. Remember when you are working/playing with crystals make sure you have set the right environment.

Reduce the amount of stimulus, e.g. Don’t have the tv or radio on in the background. Allow the child to hold the crystal, always supervise this and observe your child before, during and after the experience. Most importantly have fun. Maybe talk about it being pirate treasure.

If you are at the start of your autism journey, I promise it gets easier. You must allow yourself time to process the diagnosis. There is so much fear at the start. You don’t know where or what to do. Please feel free to contact me. 

I also recommend some Facebook support groups such as DCA WARRIORS & Autism Mamai Ireland. It can be very isolating at the start, there are so many wonderful groups now such as cans in Wexford and Snowflakes in Dublin. Reach out and connect. 

Well, I better sign off and wake my little dude up, he tends to nap still during the day due to sensory overload. I hope you find this blog useful and as I said I am here if any Mammy, Daddy, grandparent, etc need chats.

All my Love,

Liz xxx