Reiki Share Circle Sunday June 11th 11am 2023


Fill yourself up.

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A Reiki Circle is typically a small group of energy workers who gather, either to practice or to concentrate and direct a group’s healing energy toward a particular person or group of people. Reiki circles allow for group healing to take place.

Each energy worker will give and receive a reiki session. They tend to be 30-40 mins each. You will have one or two reiki practitioners working on you, this increases the energy flow when you have two reiki practitioners working on one person.

As an energy worker it is vital that you look after your energy. We must practice what we preach. Reiki practitioners tend to be givers and can be guilt of not looking after themselves. Reiki shares are a great way to tend to your well being and keep your aura strong.

Light refreshments and herbal teas will be available on the day.

Maybe commit to making a full day of self care and head to one of the many beaches here in the sunny south east, for a swim afterwards.




Area code: y25w586

June 11th Sunday

Time: 11am-2pm

The fee is non refundable so please note this before you commit to signing into this sacred contract.

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