Priestess Workshop Saturday June 17th 10am-2pm


Priestess rejoice.

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This is for everyone who loves to work with nature, connect to love and creativity. I would love to invite you to this magical and creative morning.

This workshop will consist of cacao, Yoga and wand making.

We will open the ceremony in the Yurt with a cacao ceremony at 10am. If this is your first time drinking cacao, welcome to a world of magic. If you are on any medication it is important that you let me know in advance as I may need to amend the dose of cacao. Cacao is a beautiful way to tap into our creative flow. It possesses the energy of a Divine Mother. She will guide us all into our hearts and support the weaving of us all together.

This will allow us to drop into the day and tap into our inner self. Some light refreshments will be served before we move into the garden, weather permitted and continue the energy flowing with a mindful Yoga flow. Yoga is for ALL. Please listen to all the option that will be offered on the day and listen to your beautiful body.

After we rise from Savasana our resting pose in Yoga we will start our wand making. A wand is a symbol of our inner fire. All material will be provided but please feel free to bring anything that you may wish to add to your wand, something that deeply resonates with you, it maybe a shell that is sacred to you or a gemstone. You can use your wand in many ways, energy cord cutting, intention setting, energy directing, spell making and in ceremonies e.g full and new moons.

If the above speaks to your soul I can’t wait to share this day with you on Saturday June 17th 10am-2pm.

Investment €66

Please note that the deposit is non refundable before signing into this ceremony.



Area code: Y25W586

Ph 086 058 3231

Time 10am-2pm


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