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Take time to connect.

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Cacao is a powerful superfood that offers a boost of energy without the crash of modern stimulating beverages.

Keith’s Cacao cuts through the mental clutter, enhancing focus and concentration while enabling you to hear your heart, making self-expression, creativity and connection easier and more enjoyable. I use it to connect to myself deeper in meditation and my creative self.

It’s also a great pre workout drink due to theobromine, it helps you to push that little bit more. I have had great workouts with the use of cacao.

Cacao helps you to dig deep within and cracks open your heart to your highest potential. Some may feel emotional after drinking cacao and this is completely normal. Your energy may be high or you may feel a call to lay down and rest. Everyone’s experience is generally what they need, at that giving time.

A ceremonial dose is 42.5g you may wish to start on 15g and gradually build up. I encourage you to play music, light a candle and create a beautiful ceremony for yourself. Make space for magic to be created.

Depending on the dose, SSRI antidepressants and anti-psychotics are not compatible with the MAOI’s (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) in cacao. Low to average doses should be ok, people on higher doses should drink less cacao. Check with your doctor. Please reach out to me if you have any concerns or any questions.



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